Poshy Paws

Poshy Paws

Academy of Grooming

Poshy Paws Academy of Grooming trains students for a career designed for Pet Lovers.  Our goal is to train and create the best and most knowledgeable Pet Groomers in the work force.  We equip students with the knowledge that in Grooming is key, using only the safest techniques.  Our instructors have many years of experience to share knowledge with you and guide you through the 10 week program to help you feel comfortable and secure while prepping to become part of the Pet Grooming work force.

Poshy Paws Academy of Grooming is almost 4000 square feet, air conditioned, new and modern Grooming tables, dryers, etc.  There is a separate bathing and drying area located within the facility, clean shop, bathrooms, and equipment.  Poshy Paws Academy of Grooming also offers Daycare, Boarding and regular Grooming services as well on-site. All of our equipment is commonly found in the better Grooming shops throughout the country.

Poshy Paws Academy of Grooming has plenty of free parking on-site to make accessibility very easy!  The classroom environment simulates the actual working conditions of most pet grooming shops.

If you are interested in enrolling or have any questions please do not hesitate to call us today!  We can help you answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Call today (623)302-9211 or email us at poshypawsdaycare@gmail.com.

10 Weeks
400 Hours
Monday - Thursday
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Only 5 Students per Instructor
Only 2 weeks of classwork before 8 weeks of Hands-on Training on the Grooming floor!
Instructors with many years of experience

  • Program Cost $6,500
  • An administrative fee of $200 is
    required to reserve your course date.
  • A grooming equipment kit is needed before classes begin.  Poshy Paws Academy of Grooming can supply this to you at the cost of $1000, or you can obtain the equipment list and purchase your own grooming kit.  All items must be the same as on the equipment list.

Safety, Breed Identification,
Behavior of Dogs,
Handling Techniques,
Nail Clipping and Grinding, De-matting, De-shedding,
Bathing Techniques
Finishing Scissor Work,

Presentations from Manufacturers, Pet First Aid Training,
Equipment Maintenance,
Organization, Marketing Tools,

Making Bows & Bandanas
Customer Relations
And a lot more!